Our energy system isn’t working. Let’s fix it!

  • 50 million Europeans cannot afford to keep their homes warm in the winter
  • 100 million Europeans cannot keep their homes cool in the summer
  • 7 million Europeans receive disconnection notices every year

Our energy system is wasteful, polluting and unfair. Due to high costs, low incomes and low-quality homes, millions of Europeans cannot adequately heat or cool their homes. Energy poverty impacts the most vulnerable first: the elderly, children, people living with chronic disease, and single-parent households (80% of them headed by women).

On May 23-26, we will be electing new representatives in the EU Parliament, the voice of citizens in Brussels. We are calling on candidates to pledge action on energy poverty: to enforce the right to clean, affordable energy and decent housing for all, cut emissions, and create quality local jobs at the same time. We demand both immediate and long-term action:


Access to clean affordable energy is a human right.

Let’s make it a reality!


Contact your local candidates and ask them to support our demands.

***Download our manifesto here***

For more information: right2energy@foeeurope.org

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