coverWe are a European coalition uniting trade unions, anti-poverty organisations, social housing providers, environmental organisations, health organisations and energy cooperatives.

The Right to Energy coalition was formed in 2017, with the objective of working jointly on the issue of energy poverty, and include strong measures to alleviate it in the 2030 EU energy legislative package.

We believe energy poverty, affecting millions in Europe, is a political choice, which calls for a political response.

We recognise energy poverty lies at the intersection of different issues: a warming world, that puts people and planet at risk, increasing social inequality, and an unjust energy system. These multiple dimensions of energy poverty call for a holistic approach, to jointly tackle its different causes and consequences.

We recognise energy as a basic human right: no one should ever have to choose between eating, lighting or warming one’s home. We are advocating for a fair energy transition, leaving no one behind.

We demand:

  • A ban of disconnections, to effectively ensure the right to energy;

  • The supply of a minimum amount of energy for all;

  • A massive renovation programme across the EU, to provide decent, efficient housing for all;

  • The targeting of the most vulnerable in these renovation efforts;

  • Recognition of the role of community energy in alleviating energy poverty;

  • Support for community energy projects fighting energy poverty;

  • A European definition of energy poverty, to understand and monitor the issue at EU-level.

We aim to work with members of our network and grassroots movements all across Europe, to share knowledge from the European level we work on, and join forces at European, national and local level.