Our coalition unites trade unions, anti-poverty groups, social housing providers, NGOs, environmental campaigners, health organisations and energy cooperatives across Europe. We campaign to tackle energy poverty at an EU, national and grassroot level.

1 in 4 households in the EU, over 50 million individuals, cannot afford to adequately heat, cool or light their homes (HEAL, 2019). We recognise energy poverty is a political choice which calls for a political response.

With the exacerbating impacts of the climate crisis, spiralling energy bills and the rising cost of living, we must take action to eliminate energy poverty across Europe. We bring together fundamental skills and knowledge needed to ensure a fair energy transition leaves no one behind from community action to EU policy.

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    We have identified three essential ways to eradicate energy poverty in Europe:

    Access to affordable, clean energy as a basic human right

    All should have access to a minimum amount of energy. The inhumane practice of energy disconnections puts peoples’ lives in danger and should be prohibited by law. Support should be provided to all those who cannot afford to light, heat or cool their homes, for example through social tariffs or a free basic energy allowance.


    Decent, energy-efficient and affordable housing for all

    Massive renovation programs, particularly benefiting low-income households, would address the housing crisis in Europe, as millions are denied the right to housing or live in homes that make them sick, waste energy and warm our climate. Renovating our homes and increasing energy efficiency would cut our emissions while also creating millions of jobs. The European Union should take a lead decisive role in directing funds and mobilizing political will for such programs. It must ensure that no additional costs in housing or bills are passed on to vulnerable households, and that works are carried out to a high standard subject to strong regulations, independent scrutiny, and accountability to residents.

    Energy democracy

    People have a right to make decisions about what energy they use and how it is generated. Regulatory frameworks must be developed to support these rights, including setting up and participating in community energy initiatives. Democratising the energy system, through public and community ownership and control of energy, is a necessary condition to ensure a just transition to fossil-free energy.

    Alianza contra la pobreza energética

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