28 May, 2020

Who’s to pay? Splitting the bill for a just energy transition

The transition to an efficient energy system fully based on renewables is central to the European Green Deal commitment to decarbonising. Phasing out fossil fuels means radically changing how we generate, supply and consume energy — and it will require massive investments.

Splitting the bill must be done in a fair way, to ensure low-income households fully access the benefits of the energy transition, such as better homes, lower energy bills, cleaner air, and do not shoulder a heavier financial burden. Social justice is key to bolster public support for the clean energy transition.

As Europe faces a new recession and time is running out to stop irreversible climate change, the Right to Energy Coalition calls for strategic, coordinated action to rebuild an energy system that works for people and the planet, upholding the right of all EU citizens to access renewable, affordable energy and decent housing.

Who’s to pay? Read the briefing here

This briefing draws on research conducted by the Regulatory Assistance Project, that examined the influence of energy policy on energy bills, and how costs of the energy transition are passed on to energy users.