17 March, 2021

Energy Poverty database launched – ENGAGER

We are pleased to announce that the EP-pedia website (www.eppedia.eu) developed by ENGAGER Cost energy poverty action was launched this week.

EP-pedia aims at providing readers – researchers as well as policy makers – with an up-to-date state of the art on various energy poverty-related topics in the world.

EP-pedia articles are written by energy poverty researchers and experts to help tackle energy poverty.

Specificity of EP-pedia 

In many countries, information on energy poverty-related policies and approaches is available only in national language.

Their approach is to make accessible this information and to provide analyses of national and local policies and approaches in English language.

EP-pedia articles are written by experts on the topic. Each article has been peer-reviewed before publication.

The articles generally include three types of information:

  • A presentation of how the topic is viewed in the policy debate of the country,
  • A summary of existing research on the topic in the country,
  • A list of relevant references which include policy documents and academic sources.


More information and research here: www.eppedia.eu