26 May, 2021

The ‘hidden costs’ of Europe’s indecent buildings

This briefing from coalition member Friends of the Earth Europe and Climate Action Network Europe reveals the hidden social, environmental and economic costs of Europe’s leaky building stock – and the multiple ways to renovate Europe. It is an important report in regards to energy poverty as it exposes new findings on the public health costs and premature deaths each year linked to indecent and unsafe housing.

Europe’s buildings are among the biggest contributors to the climate crisis, as well as a key contributor to energy poverty and health inequality – but to date one of the least addressed. This briefing argues that renovating our buildings is an opportunity that can’t be missed to tackle climate change, end energy poverty, and create green jobs.

However, the current pace of renovations is too slow – the EU must reduce energy poverty, triple building renovations, introduce minimum standards for energy performance, provide adequate financing, and prioritise low income households. For more clear demands you can read the briefing here: