1 November, 2021

COP26: Now is the time to deliver the right to clean, affordable energy for all

2nd November 2021

NGOs, trade unions and social justice groups call on world leaders to commit to a Right to Clean, Affordable Energy at COP26

As energy bills continue to soar, millions across the world face a freezing winter – forced to choose between heating their homes or having food on the table.  As the climate crisis intensifies, it has never been more crucial for world leaders to commit to clean, affordable energy for all. 

With COP26 underway, we remind politicians our current neoliberal energy system is failing. We continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels and corporations who consistently put profit before people and planet. Time and time again, the poor have been left in the cold by fossil fuel giants, or made to pay disproportionately more for their energy than richer households. 

The Right to Energy coalition, which unites NGOs, trade unions and social justice groups across Europe, demand immediate support to vulnerable groups and substantial investment in renewables and renovations to end energy poverty and cut carbon emissions now.

Access to clean, affordable energy is a human right. 1 in 4 European households currently struggle to adequately light, heat or cool their homes and over 1 billion across the world do not have access to energy. No one should ever have to choose between eating, lighting or warming one’s home. Enough is enough. 


We call on world leaders to deliver:

  • An urgent and indefinite ban on disconnections (including self disconnections) in their country so no one is left in the dark 
  • Immediate financial support including lump sum payments to shield vulnerable consumers and households at risk of poverty. 
  • Investment in deep renovation programmes for energy poor households to provide decent, safe, healthy and efficient housing for all
  • Subsidised programmes for renewables to make heat pumps and other renewables-based heating systems accessible
  • Support for community energy and localised renewable energy schemes to tackle energy poverty and empower citizens;
  • Action towards a decentralised, fair energy system which puts people and planet first.

During COP26, we must prioritise those who have been too often left behind by fossil fuel giants and climate policy. We must ensure groups on lower income are not left stranded, locked in to fossil fuels for decades to come. 

Signed by Right to Energy Coalition members