About Forum 2023

About the Events

The Right to Energy movement is a people-powered movement that successfully challenges energy poverty in Europe since its formation in 2017. Last year, we gathered to set the agenda in shaping vital EU legislation across the Fit for 55 Package – from the Buildings Directive, to the Social Climate Fund. This year, we will come together to ensure real, tangible solutions for those who need them most.

This has to be a watershed moment for Europe to finally tackle the root causes of energy poverty, as well as implementing long-term solutions to shield the most vulnerable and prevent future energy crises.

The event will have three major themes related to the energy crisis Europe is in. The first day will focus on the energy crisis and how we got here, whereas the second day will focus on the solutions and ways to exit the crisis. The third day, organised online, is going to be all about mobilising to face the crisis and working together to get out of the crisis.

By listening and learning from each other we are going to take that vital next step towards building the collective power to ensure a just transition for Europe’s energy poor and energy-efficient, affordable housing for all, with access to fair, clean energy guaranteed as a basic right.